Want to hear what teachers are saying about TRACKS workshops?

“My students learned that the land is important, and that they will need to take better care of it. They learned to not be fearful of the forest, and reach for their dreams. It was very enjoyable and informative not only for the kids but for me as well. They were actively engaged, and therefore learned a great deal. All the best to the people at TRACKS!”

“The presenters did an excellent job of engaging the students and keeping activities moving at a good pace.The storytelling made the information memorable and interesting. The students also enjoyed the hands-on aspect.”

“Science is fun! First Nation storytelling includes the first fruit of the season (strawberries) and important teachings such as love, forgiveness and honesty. I think the different perspectives presented drove the message home. I would like to see the other workshops- they all sounded amazing!”

The verdict is in, teachers love our workshops! So why not book a TRACKS workshop today? Email info@tracksprogram.ca to get started!

Parents and campers alike love our TRACKS summer camp. See what they had to say below!

“I really feel your positive energy, ethic, and consciousness in this camp… and my daughter feels really good about her experiences (even the difficult ones). “

“My grandson enjoys the activities and talks about his day. He especially enjoyed today, so much that he wants me to take him back to the Petroglyphs with his sister. The teachings have peaked his interest in our teachings- that is what I hoped he would get out of this camp.” 

“Our son loved the camp and each night came home with stories of what he had done that day. We noticed that he had hung cedar over the doors, as he took to heart and mind the teachings and related them to his personal life. For him to be affected in such a short time is phenomenal. “

“I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness and anti-oppressive approach to the camp. This is very unique- I hope you will share your approach with others who lead youth programming. The experience of being immersed in a community of exploration and dialogue was very  valuable for my granddaughter. Thank you for the wonderful camp experience!”